What is FIFA 17 TOTY?

FIFA 17 TOTY is another “installment” in a series which EA puts on every year in order to boosts sales of FIFA 17 games and get more people to buy FIFA 17 points from them. Basically, FIFA 17 TOTY will be an event where the best players of the year will be announced and immortalized in FIFA 17 with special Blue In Form cards which will be some of the most powerful cards in the entire game. These cards can only be gotten during the special event which lasts from the 9th of January and lasts till the 16th of 2017. And if you happen to miss this special event, you will have to pray to God that someone is selling these cards in the Auction house because there will be no other way to get them with coins and points for FIFA 17.

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How good are Blue in Form cards from TOTY

Blue in Form cards that you get for FIFA 17 will have the statistics of those certain players up to incredible digits. These stats are gathered from real statistics about the players and they will surely add to your FUT 17 roster. Basically, you will have to spend a lot of FIFA 17 coins or FIFA 17 points in order to get these special Blue cards but in the end it is worth it. The Blue in Form cards will not only be good, but fairly expensive once the promotion ends on the 16th of January 2017 which means that you will have to stay up all night to get lucky in order to get just one of these cards.

When will FIFA 17 TOTY start and what will happen then?

FIFA 17 TOTY will start on the 9th of January and there will be special ceremonies in place in order to call out the selected TOTY players that will be featured as Blue in Form cards in FIFA 17. The players will be released in bursts that last 2 days (Forwards will only last 1) with a special ending burst of all of the players between the 14th and 16th. Basically, get your coin purse ready and stock up on points during December because the biggest event of FIFA 17 is about to begin. In dutch: FIFA 17 Blauwe inform kaart. In German: FIFA points kaufen

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